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EBook, "Voice Production For Hypnosis and Suggestion."  This is the first section from my hypnosis manual, "Mind-bending For Mind-mending." greatly enlarged for the as yet unpublished next edition. After writing the manual, I discovered there is very little teaching available on the use of the voice for hypnosis, and I received many thanks from readers. Now 12 pages single spaced, Word 2010 Doc, Ariel 14 type-face for easy reading. Don't forget your email address for attachment delivery.


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Dr. Bryan Knight Ph/D, of The Hypnosis Depot, has given me permission to distribute his latest ebook. Along with this book are 4 more of his Ebooks as a FREE bonus.
The ebook is the 38 page :-
"Creative Ways To Build Your Practice."  For $11.95
Creativity for the client, the hypnotherapist,
and the practice.
Free Bonus Ebooks
The 58 page Ebook :- "Hypnosis Heals."
12 selected case histories
from the files of professional hypnotherapists.
The 12 page Ebook :- "Hypnosis:
Software for the Mind."
  A general introductory guide to hypnosis & hypnotherapy.
The 20 page Ebook :-
"Psychotherapy: A Special Kind of Love."
The role of the therapists non-judgemental love
as the framework for therapy.
The 19 page Ebook :- "From Victim to Victor:
Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse."
An introductory guide to this
sadly all-to-common topic.
How hypnotherapy can help with an interesting
section regarding different facets of forgiveness.
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 "Creative Ways To Build Your Practice."  For 11.95
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I also have available a sixty nine page Ebook by Paul Mostman, PH/D, at no cost. "What the Mind Can Conceive, The Mind Can Achieve."  Decades of experience with Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis. Use any + Contact Brian + link and email me for your free copy.

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