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New - Self Esteem mp3    
  Self hypnosis Audio file now available      
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Self Esteem MP3 Download link via WeTransfer service, $21.95 total.


Allow greater Prosperity, Abundance

and Success into your life now.




Research has shown that the largest single factor in any achievement is a person’s belief in their own ability to accomplish what they want. In other words, SELF-CONFIDENCE, based on SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-WORTH, derived from a POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE and a POSITIVE SELF-CONCEPT.


Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
are the very basic foundation for SUCCESS

in virtually all areas of life. 
Feel better, do better.
Both mentally and physically.
And feeling good feels so good!

Get more of what you want out of life now.    

What is it that you want in your life?

Better motivation and increased productivity? 
Attract promotion on the job or start your own business.

More money, success, and the status they produce? 
Achieve your financial freedom goals and acquire prestige. 
More and/or better relationships? More love? More sex?
Find the energy within to accomplish more,

and live your best life.
New self-worth can push you forward.
     Teaching you to overcome former limitations.          
Gain confidence and personal power. 
Energize endless inspiration and creativity.
Experience comfort and serenity. 
ALLOW more ABUNDANCE to enter your life WITH :-



This product has proven to change lives!


An advertising salesman, who was complaining of his lack of confidence at work, wrote to Brian after a couple of months. “Your CD is wonderful!!!!”


A mother of 7 in Australia,


"Thank you for this great CD. I've listened to it just twice now since I started making my new habit of listening to it before bed each night, and I have woken up each morning feeling good. I've had the best nights sleep in as many years as I can remember. Mind-magic is very good. When I wake my mind is really clear (even now as I write) & the sense of peace I feel is a real blessing. I wanted to let you know. I am looking forward to my future as I continue to listen and do as you have said."  Mxx Wxx @xxxxxxx.com.au


This 26-minute audio is the creation of the hypnotherapist Brian Green.

Distilled from more than nearly fifteen years of hypnosis research and hypnotherapy practice.


Arrives with complete set of written instructions for use.  


The "Self-Esteem" self-hypnosis audio can be more productive than a complete hypnotherapy session with a less gifted hypnotherapist.

Hypnotic suggestions become more and more powerful as they are repeated, and this product can be played again and again.


The suggestion topics are also woven together in a unique emotional tapestry that deepens trance while progressively maximizing their effectiveness at the same time.


Easily obtain rapid improvement in your state of well-being.
Develop a healthier state of body and mind as you go on.    


"I have listened to hundreds of audios Brian, and yours is the best I have ever heard." (The Reverend Anita Bell, while a Student at the Hypnosis Institute).  


It is a unique emotional process of raising self-confidence and self-esteem, reducing anxiety, improving physical and mental health, sound sleep, forgiveness and moving on, etc. etc. As powerful as an anti-depressant, sedative and sleeping pill for many users. Many people find themselves even losing weight due to the emotional improvements they experience. Some effortlessly kick former bad habits, as the state of mind and body improves.
"Brian..... I christen your SELF-ESTEEM performance "PERFECTION BY A MASTER." It's a prayer and a benediction, soul-to-soul communication of the highest order. You're gifted, you are gifted, you are a gift to wounded humanity. From your troubled earlier years and continuing personal pain, you have managed to ascend a golden stairway set with precious stones to the very stars in the heavens.
You have learned how to weave a healing, comforting, protective cloak around another human being that meets their unspoken need to feel worthy, valuable, unique, and precious. You can pierce the gossamer veil of their defenses with ease, joining their defenseless selves without judgment to strongly reassure them of their worth. If one other person can see and affirm their value so eloquently, a heavy burden of uncertainty is lifted from their shoulders, setting them free to soar and aspire to match your vision. Your performance fills me with wonder, awe, gratitude, and delight. I am reminded of, "I would build a Cathedral of words." I can't recall the author's name but his words will live with me always. He wished to build, but you actually have built your Cathedral of words, and filled it with divine hope and the heavenly music of your poetry, (isn't that poetry that I hear?) which speaks soul to soul. You are a genuine treasure. Well done!“….. ….. “I recently shared your audio with a client. I told her it was a special privilege and we listened to it together at Christmas time. She was suitably impressed and burst out with "I think I'm in love.. with that British accent." She added that it sounded like a lullaby. I doubt that you can work this into promotional material, but I think it is a priceless comment and might amuse and please you.”   
Virginia Sayles, M.A. Prairie Hypnotherapy Ltd....  .. 
“What more do I need to say?”  (Brian). 


Forge ahead towards your goals.
Discover new levels of joy in life

you could previously only dream of.
Perhaps beyond your wildest dreams!

How can you miss out on such a low cost opportunity

to improve both your inner and outer life?


Because Brian is so confident in his product, he gives a 100% money back guarantee. Why not - buy a copy now - and give yourself the gift of all the success and happiness you deserve? Where else will you find these kinds of benefits at such a fantastically low price? So why not make the best investment you can by investing in yourself?


Give yourself the success you deserve.

Persuade yourself to buy one now.



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