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Paypal is ebay's online payment service. Very secure. Clicking on a button takes you to sign in page - for Guest payment direct credit card/debit card options, scroll further down the page. click on "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" button, and fill in your details, including your email address.  Then click on "Submit" button.

Paypal Payment for First Hypnotherapy Session - $205.00, including Self Hypnosis CD or mp3 and transaction fee.

Paypal Payment for Following Hypnotherapy Sessions - $175.00, including transaction fee.

Paypal Payment , Advance Deposit  (Non-refundable) for Pre-booked Hypnotherapy Session, $105.00 including transaction fee.

Each sesssion is 3 hours or more, consisting of 
1.  Conscious discussion and counseling.
2 . Hypnosis portion, "putting in the good stuff", i.e. positive suggestion therapy," etc. Also including
3. Hypno-analysis, i.e. uncovering the sources of difficulties,  for "taking out the bad stuff." Not necessarily in that order and
4.  post session integrative conversation. 

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