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                         Using a Brian Green “Mindmagic 123”

                                Self-Hypnosis Audio Product:                      


     These audio products are approximately 25 to 35 minutes long. The introduction to each product states something similar to: "Caution: never, never, never play this audio while driving, or during any activity needing you to be wide-awake and alert. Relaxation tapes may make you - feel spacy, far away, dreamy, drowsy and sleepy." And, "Start by lying down on your back, legs and feet apart.. arms beside you.. palms down.. unless you have some special position of your own that you use to.. become relaxed.. loose and limp from head to toe while.. allowing yourself to reach your goal of a completely comfortable mental and physical state..." 


     Hypnosis is a place of physical and mental comfort, a natural ability, readily improved with a little practice. Self-hypnosis audio products allow your body and mind to learn the habit of deep relaxation. This benefits you by 1:- Positive suggestions given will be of assistance in helping your healing process go forward with greater ease and speed, often rapidly adding to your sense of wellbeing. 2:- If you are using hypnotherapy sessions, deeper hypnosis will come faster and easier. 3:‑ This saving of time and energy will significantly reduce the cost of your hypnotherapy. As a rule those who use an audio product often, do the best. 4:- Soon, to your advantage, by regularly entering trance, you may become easily taught how to enter and use self-hypnosis at will.


     These products can help you enter hypnosis, beneficial in its own right, as it is a tension discharge state without equal, plus being a state where your mind can be open to useful suggestions. By far the largest majority play these audio products at night prior to sleep. Playing one track before resting, for most, assists deep sleep. Though most persons enter a trance during the first play, suggestions given to deepen your trance are able to produce more profound relaxation each time. More benefit is gained by regular use because; Hypnotic suggestions become the most effective through repetition, and mine are designed to grow a progressively powerful self-reinforcing additional process each time they are heard. Regular use will allow any therapy with me to go faster, thus costing less.


     Playing one track, approximately once per day, for up to four weeks is advantageous. This is followed by a grad-ual reduction to once or twice a week. Some people love them so much they continue to play them more often. Clients involved in high stress situations like divorce or bankruptcy report "I played your tape two or three times a day, I don't know how I would have made it through without it." A very few persons feel energized, so that despite suggestions of sound sleep, they prefer to use them during the daytime.. Experiment!  All you need is a quiet place where you can rest and relax undisturbed, a compact disk or cassette player, and best of all, headphones. Wearing headphones, while listening with your eyes closed, allows the most intense focus on all the beneficial information you will receive.


     Noticeable improvements may result after a few plays, sometimes even sooner. More definite helpful results often appear following seven to fourteen plays. Cumulative strongly beneficial effects will be apparent to virtually everybody by twenty one plays. Extremely rarely, (twice in twenty years!), deep relaxation will uncover stored tensions in the body, or buried anxiety can emerge and impede progress. In either case, discontinue the use of the product. This rare event might suggest to a person that they seek out a hypnotherapist to resolve the difficulty, which resides within the person, not the product.


                         Good luck and blessings to you,


                         Brian Green, C.C.H.T., C.D.S. 


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