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Self-hypnosis mp3 audio files are available for $19.95 each. Can be played on any free mp3 player (Google online to find one)



1. “Live Smoke Free”

Often may be as effective as an entire hypnotherapy session. Repeated playing adds to the possibility of success. Save your lungs on the cheap.

Caveat, if the results are poor, hypnotherapy may be required to uncover what you are holding on to that isn’t allowing the process to work. Your resistance. For severe difficulties, follow up support is often necessary.

 2. “Live Slim & Trim”

A large portion of this is aimed at the emotional processes that underlie food and weight difficulties. These processes are not addressed in most weight control programs and diets, which is why they are often mostly ineffective. Same caveat as for No. 1

 3. “Live Alcohol & Drug Free”
A heroin addict said to me with some astonishment, “You covered every base!” The same caveat as for No. 1 in spades.


4. “Pain Control & Healing (from within)”

Not only is this effective in managing, reducing and maybe even eliminating physical pain, it also adds to enjoyment of life irrespective of any outcome. Of course, the caveat above for No. 1 may apply.


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