I have available COPIES of the original AUDIO CASSETTES
by Milton Erickson.  
Item 1. Goes with the book  “Hypnotic Realities.”   
Item 2. Goes with the book
“Hypnotherapy: A Casebook.”   
Each 60 minute tape $21.95. 
Item 3. 1hour each x two AUDIO TAPE CASSETTE SET,
"Hypnosis in Psychiatry," that accompanies his book, 
"Experiencing Hypnosis.” $29.50 the set.  
The above are all approx. 30 min per side,  
are approximately  45 min per side -
Item 4, 5, 6, 7. Go with the books Volume 1 to 4 of the
"Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson.” 
Item 4,  Volume 1. “Healing In Hypnosis.”
Item 5,  Volume 2. “Life Reframing in Hypnosis.
Item 6,  Volume 3. “Mind-body Communication in Hypnosis.”
Item 7,  Volume 4. “Creative Choice in Hypnosis.”    
Each tape again $21.95. 
 I dub all of the above separate audio cassettes from an original,
as a service to Erickson aficionados like myself,
so they are "1st generation" copies,
i.e. almost as good as the originals. 
Another brand new commercial product,
with the transcribed audio tapes on it also, for $79.95         
 a CD-ROM, (plays on a computer, PC),
called "Collected Papers Of Milton H Erickson."
which was originally mis-titled "Complete Works of Milton H Erickson.”
This has over 2000 pages of his writing,
including the 4 Volumes of his "Collected Papers."
A brand new commercial product, for $79.95. 
My own 230 page Hypnosis Manual,
Item 12, “Mind-bending For Mind-mending,
Wizard Ways With Words.” 
contains analyses, explanations and simplification
of many Ericksonian hypnotic processes,
among others, but not his psycho-therapeutic ones,
for $46.95.  on Amazon at
or direct from me at -

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