I have available COPIES of the original AUDIO CASSETTES
by Milton Erickson.  
Item 1. Goes with the book  “Hypnotic Realities.”   
Item 2. Goes with the book
“Hypnotherapy: A Casebook.”   
Each 60 minute tape $19.95. 
Item 3. 1hour each x two AUDIO TAPE CASSETTE SET,
"Hypnosis in Psychiatry," that accompanies his book, 
"Experiencing Hypnosis.” $28.50 the set.  
The above are all approx. 30 min per side,  
are approximately  45 min per side -
Item 4, 5, 6, 7. Go with the books Volume 1 to 4 of the
"Seminars, Workshops and Lectures of Milton H. Erickson.” 
Item 4,  Volume 1. “Healing In Hypnosis.”
Item 5,  Volume 2. “Life Reframing in Hypnosis.
Item 6,  Volume 3. “Mind-body Communication in Hypnosis.”
Item 7,  Volume 4. “Creative Choice in Hypnosis.”    
Each tape again $19.95. 
 I dub all of the above separate audio cassettes from an original,
as a service to Erickson aficionados like myself,
so they are "1st generation" copies,
i.e. almost as good as the originals. 
Item 8,   Sold Out
Or Item 9,  Sold Out
I have Item 10, on a CD Rom, (plays on a computer, PC),
the three books “Hypnotic Realities.”,
“Experiencing Hypnosis.”,
“Hypnotherapy: An Exploratory Casebook.”
Another brand new commercial product,
with the transcribed audio tapes on it also, for $89.95 
I have Item 11, a CD-ROM, (plays on a computer, PC),
called "Collected Papers Of Milton H Erickson."
which was originally mis-titled "Complete Works of Milton H Erickson.”
This has over 2000 pages of his writing,
including the 4 Volumes of his "Collected Papers."
A brand new commercial product, for $79.95. 
My own 230 page Hypnosis Manual,
Item 12, “Mind-bending For Mind-mending,
Wizard Ways With Words.” 
contains analyses, explanations and simplification
of many Ericksonian hypnotic processes,
among others, but not his psycho-therapeutic ones,
for $46.95.  on Amazon at
or direct from me at -

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