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         Enhance Your Skills With Hypnosis, NLP and Imagery. 




         VOLUME 1.  MIND-BENDING FOR MIND-MENDING.                              

                              Wizard Ways With Words.

                              A new publication from Brian Green. A labor of love.

                              ISBN. 978-1-4276-2203-7  or  1-4276-2203-5 


“I was just looking thru my old e-mails and I seem to

have forgotten to e-mail you back and tell you

something. I got your book and read it. The manual

truly is one of the best and most complete references

I have ever read on hypnotic language. I think it is

one of the most amazingly helpful and the greatest

reference book I have ever seen and owned.

Thanks for the wonderful book you wrote and for

letting me know about it. Thank you very much.



You can’t know how good it is going to feel unless you:-

Just imagine.. inducing deep co-operative trances in many more clients.

Just imagine.. client responses to your suggestions increasing dramatically.

Just imagine.. confidence in your hypnotic abilities goes through the roof.


“Hello. Thanks for a wonderful manual. I'm buying the book for a second time

as when I lost my first one I had to make sure I had this manual in my library.

I was very impressed when I started to read it and it quickly went way past

my expectations. I truly found it to be an incredibly comprehensive book on

advanced techniques. “Mind Magic” is filled with practical knowledge and

skills beyond any other hypnosis manual I have read (and I've read plenty).

It was great to read more about concepts such as "seeding" and

complex binds in such a clear and pragmatic way. I highly recommend this

book for advanced hypnosis enthusiasts and professionals. It was a

wonderful surprise to pick up a modern hypnosis book that wasn't either a

recounting of Milton Erickson's personal stories or a  regurgitation of Bandler

and Grinder's Milton model. As much as I can enjoy those type of books,

”Mind Magic” provided much more - mainly advanced explanations, exercises

and entirely new concepts to take your practice to a new level. I certainly

hope to see more in the future even though I've yet to digest all I've gotten

from this one book! I hope you can find the time to write your sequels.” 

                                     Luis Garcia Fenech.    octavio@xxxximage.net


Any former doubts, feelings of limitation or fears of inadequacy can be swept

away. At this very moment the information you are reading can lead to a vast

improvement in your hypnosis skills, and you can become the best hypnotist/

hypnotherapist you can be. If you pay close attention to the wording,

I wonder how much “Hypnotese” you can notice in this as you read on.


“Hi, Brian..

I'm about half way through reading your manual. I've never encountered

so thorough an analysis of a subject. I find myself delighted, astonished,

grateful that you accepted as a challenge your need to learn more about

hypnosis. My reaction so far?.....the thought occurred to me, "he's dancing

with words, it's an elegant ballet, and I think he's a true original”.

By the way .. .. I consider your book a masterpiece.  Good job, Brian!” 

Virginia Sayles, M.A., of Prairie Hypnotherapy Ltd.


How often might your have thought something like, “I would love to know

more about hypnosis and ways to empower my suggestions.”

In this exciting manual you will find:


Methods to supercharge your abilities to induce trance, and to

increase the influence of your “hypno-therapeutic” communication.

Tools and techniques for every type of hypnotist and client. 

Discover new ways to induce amnesiac trance states for your clients,

even the most difficult ones. Spreading word of your skills can bring

further referrals. Learn more to earn more.


Construct powerful suggestions and write effective suggestion scripts.

A simple, easy to follow, “nuts and bolts” step by step guide to improving and

using verbal hypnotic skills and processes, moving from beginning to

advanced  levels. Presented in a straightforward uncomplicated manner, the

most complex, subtle and mystifying trance events are broken down to their

simplest, basic, elements. An easy understanding leads you from empowering

“direct suggestions” all the way to creating “trance in trance.”


“Hi Brian,

Thank you so much. I am having great fun with your materials and great

Results with the various techniques. I am revamping all my old scripts,

 infusing them with your powerful language techniques. Brilliant! Brilliant!

Brilliant! Thank you again!

                                Catherine Tilley, practicing Hypnotherapist, San Diego.


Find the secrets for managing mental states and molding consciousness.

"Revolutionized my understanding of trance." J. Cambron, Hypnosis afficianado.


Your desire to develop as a hypnotist should compel you to read on,

to validate just how strong your need to own this work can become.

Based on a nine hour workshop originally given to the Utah A.C.H.E.,

and subsequently considerably enlarged, this monster of a book

is jammed with tips and methods, scripts and case histories, a veritable

cornucopia of information.


“Before your workshop, a Ph/D. Clinical Psychotherapist expressed

the misgiving that you would not have much to teach her.

She did not stop writing notes the whole two days!”

Betty Finnas, one-time President of the Utah chapter of the A.C.H.E.


Forget any past difficulties and struggles to learn more about hypnotism.

It’s almost as if you already naturally know, both intuitively and intellectually,

what this knowledge can do for you, and how powerfully effective it will be.


                Contains amazing passages of multi-level communication,

                that can send the reader partly into trance,

                so that as inspiration fires your imagination.. ..

                the subconscious easily learns all you need to know,

                with little or no conscious effort at all.


Don’t you owe yourself the gift of learning: -

how to construct a smooth natural hypnotic continuum, by combining

suggestions for pre-induction, seeding, induction, deepening, and goals.

about covert ways for bypassing resistance to the induction of trance,

and bypassing resistance to suggestions for the client’s own goals.


Enjoy and be entertained on many levels by the chatty, informal but erudite

style, that displays insights gleaned from ranging across decades of the

hypnosis literature, and more than ten years of the author’s own private

practice.  From the “greats” of the past to the brightest of the moderns,

an extensive study. This wise and funny introduction demonstrates a

dazzling array of “hypno-linguistic” and “hypno-therapeutic”

verbal processes, aka. “hypnotese.”


Blended with a wild and wicked humor, from the sublime to the ridiculous,

from the sacred to the profane, there and back.  Might make you laugh out

loud. All designed to serve concrete practical ends in a most available manner.

At times more charming hilarious witty Monty Python than old time Svengali.

This masterful display of comprehensive knowledge contains passages

of absolute brilliance scattered among the merely superior, creating a

magnificent if not stunning tour de force. The last word on words.


“Hi Brian,

It has been a long time since I met you while taking Gil's classes in Glendale

in the 90's, but I have always enjoyed the tape I have from you. I wonder if you

can provide a wholesale or quantity rate on your tapes if I wanted to offer

them to my clients for sale. I believe your voice and choice of words are

some of the best available”.      Loretta Rippee, Chehalis Hypnosis Center.


On acid free, non-browning, extra bright, long lasting, high quality paper.

With over 230 x 81/2” x 11” oversize pages, in single line spaced larger, clearer,

easier to read, 12 point Ariel Narrow font, allowing the packing of so much

more information per page in this, “how to” instruction manual.

Includes literally hundreds of suggestions and suggestion stems.

Wouldn’t you like to own a source of endless information?

So much in fact that you can draw from this well possibly for years?


“Just a quick note to let you know Brian how much I enjoyed the book. You

say early on that you advise reading it through. You must be joking - it is so

dense with ideas, that I think I will be dipping into it forever when I need

ideas."                                                               Peter Newell, UK Hypnotherapist.


                Ending with a bibliography of 120+ references,

                the manual is a goldmine of resources for your future growth…


Includes many original ideas not to be found elsewhere. Those ideas that can

be found elsewhere could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

in books and courses, and may lack the ease of comprehension found here.

Find out how rapidly you can obtain these huge gains in your hypnotic skills,

when you profit from buying this wonderful guide. Earn as you learn.

Someday soon, after buying this manual, you may realize,

 “This is the best investment for education in hypnotism I have ever made.”


"Truly have enjoyed the book Brian, and I read and reread bits of it daily. Your

work product is well researched, well thought out, and a great contribution to

the field. Let me end by saying that the information density in your book is the

highest I have seen. Yes it runs to 200+ pages, but I couldn't think of a single

page I'd cut out because it was redundant. Phenomenal effort my friend.

I really use it regularly and I love It. Money well spent!"

Hubert Cole (Texas Tranceman)                                  drcobar@sbcglobal.net


Because you want to improve your knowledge and skills purchasing this

book will allow you to realize how well your money has been spent on this,

obviously one of the most useful resources available for you.

Finally, an exceptionally valuable work, at a price so much lower than it's true

worth. I truly believe you are bright enough to take advantage of this real

opportunity, now you seeit. And I'm wondering, what uses will you make of

your new skills? And what will you, and your clients, gain most?


"Hi Brian,

A good friend of mine lent me his copy of,  "Mind-bending for Mind-mending."

and I was sad to have to return it. I have found a way to purchase a copy

through AbeBooks.com, so I have that covered.  But I was delighted to see on

your website that you have other products. I love my current hypnosis

practice, but I can see potentially fantastic benefits from learning more of

your techniques. I have what I refer to as 'hypnotic religion', and there are a

few individuals out there that I would travel almost anywhere to learn from......

and I believe you might be one of them.  As I've stated on Facebook, I believe

you are one of the great minds in Hypnosis today. So please, if you have any

seminars or workshops planned, let me know! Thank you for this wonderful

opportunity Brian. My friends will be jealous. <smile>  And, YES... you may use

anything I've written to you or will write to you in the future. Make them up if

you like and I'll sign for them." <smile>

                                         Mandy Greer Noyes, CHT.    iiiautumniii@yahoo.com


So why not.. use this knowledge for your greatest advantage and benefit?

So why not.. decide to buy this extraordinary work,

                       even before you examine the contents that follow?


                       Here it is, the:-


                Table of contents.

         i  -   Title page.

        ii  -   Publication details.

       iii  -   Acknowledgments.                   

       iv  -   Table of contents.

                Introduction Section.  

     001  -  Help 1. How to use the manual.

     003  -  Getting to know the author.                      

     005  -  Preface: The evolution of the manual.

     007  -  Introduction: The evolution of the hypnotic methodology.

     013  -  Help 2: What's the score?

                              Key to reading the hypnotic parts of the text.    


                  Main Text.


Page Section

015 – 01 - Vocal Parameters for Voice Production,

                  oyez, oyez, hear me, hear me! 

019 -- 02 - Power Words, attract attention and amplify impact.    

021 – 03 - Rhyme, Rhythm and Repetition, poetry in motion.     

022 – 04 - Overlapping, Chaining and Shingling, boldly hold the mind.

024 – 05 - Trance Logic, actually often isn't!

026 – 06 - Truisms, creating rapport and credibility from yes today. 

031 – 07 - Seeding, setting 'em up before knocking 'em down.

033 – 08 - Types of suggestion, discussion and classification of,

                  which is what?                     

036 – 09 - Direct Suggestion, wow and kapow them.

038 – 10 - By-passing Resistance, discussion of slip sliding away.

043 – 11 - Disguised Direct Suggestions, lost in the shuffle.

046 – 12 - Permissive Suggestions, permit you to give instructions.

049 – 13 - Covert, Inserted, Embedded, Interspersed, suggestions galore.  

053 – 14 - Open Ended Suggestions, including it all.    

055 – 15 - Anaclytic Suggestions, circle your wagons.    

057 – 16 - Counter Suggestions and Negatives, can beget positives.

063 – 17 - Assumptions, Implications,

                  pre-suppose getting you in there first.              

068 – 18 - Reinforcing Figurative Language,

                  Leverage by strong-arming number one.

070 – 19 - Reinforcing Words and Concepts,

                  Leverage by strong-arming number two.                 

074 – 20 - Pyramiding Suggestions, piling up momentum.

076 – 21 - Linking Associated Parameters, covers a lot of ground.

078 – 22 - Emotionally Congruent Sequencing, sucks 'em right in.

079 – 23 - Contingent Suggestions, you can hang your hat on them.

081 – 24 - Suggestions Contingent on Externals, hang on for the trip.

083 – 25 - Dissociation, discussion of, don't split just yet.

085 – 26 - Simple and Double Binds, mind binding with one bound.

089 – 27 - All Inclusive and Non-logical Binds,

                  mind mangling and tangling moment by moment.

091 – 28 - Dissociative and Double-Dissociative Binds, tying 'em up in a trice.

094 – 29 - Interpolated Suggestions, subterranean sub-texts and their

                  converse, partially absent mirrors.

098 – 30 - Effective Hypnotic Functions,

                  exploring how well will they work.     

101 – 31 - Compression, Overloading, Confusion, Apposition of Opposites,

                  knocking 'em dead.

107 – 32 - Misdirection, or "sleight of mind", a sly addition to your box of tricks.

112 – 33 - Direct and Indirect Promotion of Hypnotic Processes and

                  Installing the Components of Hypnosis, what a mouthful.

117– 34 -  Selective Attention, plus other components and processes.  

122 – 35 - Installing Internal Focusing, going within.

126 – 36 - Focusing on Prior Associated States, going wherever.

129 – 37 - Dreams, enticing processes from the language of dreams,

131 – 38 - Time, for all kinds of timely interventions.

135 – 39 - Forgetting, the forgotten factor.  

137 – 40 - Remembering, calling in on the past.  

141 – 41 - Not Knowing and Not Doing, using the no mind to get

                  something for nothing, lazy ways into trance.              

145 – 42 - Hypnosis, state, trait or process? human being or human doing?

150 – 43 - Intensification by Process, a cunning procedure.

154 – 44 - Intensification by Content, in the craft-y footsteps of 43.

156 – 45 - The Gestalt of Consciousness, the ultimate bypass,

                  using the subconscious to "switch off" the conscious, by George!

159 – 46 - Direct and Indirect Promotion of Scanning, a scandalous scam.

163 – 47 - Questions & Self Enquiries, ask and ye shall be answered.

166 – 48 - Negative and Double Negative Inquiry,                                   

                  getting 'em both coming and going.                                       

168 – 49 - Implications and Assertions posed as Queries and Negative

                 Queries, ditto and ditto as 48.                                                      

173 – 50 - Asserted Truisms plus Contingent Assertion by Inquiry,                  

                  confusing to say the least.   

174 – 51 - The Alignment Process, a sum total, co-operation willy-nilly for some.

179 – 52 - Analogy and Metaphor + Imagery and Visualization,

                  like attracting like, a picture of perfection.

185 – 53 - Trance in Trance, looks may be deceiving.

188 – 54 - Stories, etc., it takes all sorts to make a world.


191 – Appendix - 01. Methods and Suggestions, when to use which and what.

194 - Appendix - 02. Emotional hooks, from "Control Freaks." by Gerald Piaget.

196 - Appendix - 03. Amnesia and Somnambulism.

198 - Appendix - 04. The Dave Elman Induction.

201 - Appendix - 05. Script for a Doubting Thomas.

205 - Appendix - 06. “Should the use of hypnosis be limited to Doctors?”    

209 - Appendix - 07. Aaron Kulkis’ 5-4-3-2-1 Induction, and it’s analysis.

217 - Addendum to Section 42 -1.  Hypnosis, state, trait or process.

218 - Addendum to Section 42 -2.  Hypnosis, state, trait or process,

                                                            Waking Suggestion & Waking Hypnosis.

222 to 226 - Bibliography.                


                     c. 2006. by Brian Green, all rights retained.         


“Thank you so much for sharing a portion of your vast wisdom an

experience with my listeners. You are a renaissance man." Moira Shepherd,

host of the radio show, TriumphOverTrauma.com on healthylife.net.


I don't know what else it will take for you to.. convince yourself you need to..

instantly and automatically buy it now. In that case please remember,

apart from the benefits you will derive .. .. .. .. .. "I need the money!."




Shipping, with USPS delivery confirmation within the USA.


+ Priority Mail, (USA).......$07.75   .........total $52.70 US.

+ Priority Air (Canada......$26.90. US.   total $64.90 US.

+ Priority Air (Interntl)......$ 35.95 US.   total $83.55. US.


Ebook as a printable Word 2000 Document attached to an email... ONLY  $37.95. Link below




The “Self Esteem.” CD, Distilled from more than a decade of research and

hypnotherapy practice. You may wish to use it for yourself, and/or as an

adjunctive learning tool to accompany my manual, "Mind-bending for

Mind-mending."  The text, voice and processes can be matched and

analyzed to the written information for insight into the construction of the

script, so you can learn how to empower your own suggestion processes.

Supplied with a 14 page trance-script for a little extra cost. No extra

mailing cost for CD and  transcript if paid online via Paypal.com. etc.

CD @  $21.90.  Plus 14 page Transcript, $28.90 total + 

Additional mailing as $7.70 Priority


Add $26.90 for Canada Priority Air,

International add $38.60 Priority Air


26 + minute compact disk.


"I have listened to hundreds of tapes Brian, and

yours is the best I have ever heard." The Reverend Anita Bell, Hypnotherapist..

 Student at the Hypnosis Institute.


It is an emotional process of raising self-confidence and self esteem,

reducing anxiety, improving physical and mental health,

forgiveness and moving on, etc. etc. As powerful as an

anti-depressant, sedative and sleeping pill for most users.


"Brian..... I christen your SELF-ESTEEM performance PERFECTION BY A

MASTER. It's a prayer and a benediction, soul to soul communication of the

highest order. You're gifted, you are gifted, you are a gift to wounded

humanity. From your troubled earlier years and continuing personal pain, you

have managed to ascend a golden stairway set with precious stones to the

very stars in the heavens. You have learned how to weave a healing, comforting

protective cloak around another human being that meets their unspoken need

to feel worthy, valuable, unique, and precious. You can pierce the gossamer

veil of their defenses with ease, joining their defenseless selves without

judgment to strongly reassure them of their worth. If one other person can see

and affirm their value so eloquently, a heavy burden of uncertainty is lifted

from their shoulders, setting them free to soar and aspire to match your vision.

Your performance fills me with wonder, awe, gratitude, and delight. I am

reminded of a long ago author who loved words as you do, who said "I would

build a Cathedral of words." I can't recall the author's name but his words will

live with me always. He wished to build, but you actually have built your

Cathedral of words, and filled it with divine hope and the heavenly music of

your poetry, (isn't that poetry that I hear?) which speaks soul to soul.

You are a genuine treasure. Well done!  .......


I recently shared your audio with a client. I told her it was a special privilege

and we listened to it together at Christmas time. She was suitably impressed

bursting out with "I think I'm in love....... with that British accent."  She

added that it sounded like a lullaby. I doubt that you can work this into

promotional material, but I think it is a priceless comment and might amuse

and please you."  Virginia Sayles, M.A. Prairie Hypnotherapy Ltd.... ..

“What more do I need to say?”               


 “Hi Brian.

I am enjoying all of the recordings you sent.  The “Self-Esteem” CD has not

only been beneficial for me personally, but I incorporated many of your ideas

and wordings into my last few sessions with a client - 13/m with AHDA and

many emotional issues.  And being a 'special ed' kid, self-esteem is a

definite issue for him also."

                                             Mandy Greer Noyes CHT.  iiiautumniii@yahoo.com   


“Brian Green's topic was outstanding, his book is the best I’ve read in years. 

I listen to the CD and it's first class. Great way to end the year.” (2006)

suitup1954 <cmpruittsr@sbcglobal.net> 



“Brian's tonality and delivery is flawless! He can croon with the best of them!

His metaphors and word paintings are beautiful and vivid. A true artist! Very

Milton like! I've already incorporated them into my own scripts… He

emphasized using intuition and amplifying the things that make a person a

better hypnotist. I like that! If doing Mesmer type things gets you results…

then by all means do them! Whatever makes you better at what you do best…

The vibe and dynamic of the group was really positive. I like how he hijacked

familiar melodies and rhythms and incorporated them into his scripts. Also

morphing commercials and jingles into healing metaphors… Thank you Brian

for sharing such a wonderful evening. Thanks for the inspiration!” 

Paul <xocentric@yahoo.com>  



“Greetings All, I wanted to thank Mr. Brian Green for

sharing his Phenomenal Knowledge and long term expertise

practicing hypnosis, I always tell my clients and my student's,

“Practice, Practice, Practice.” "Knowledge Is Power"

“Practice Makes Perfect." As we all learned that Mr. Brian Green

 is a living proof of it... The Workshop on Monday December 11,

2006 was very powerful and enlightening. The energy was booming,  

…. by just trying to focus I was in a deep deep trance without

even closing my eyes...  Now I haven't got the chance to read

the transcript yet, but I have been listening to Brian's CD and

I am telling you, Brian's voice is so soothing as he suggested

many times during his deepening. Only few days later that

I become to acknowledge the deep meaning of trance.

I would like to end my testimonial with warm wishes to you,

Mr Brian Green and the rest of the group." Doreen Cohanim C. Ht.

<doreen@enteryourmind.com>  http://www.enteryourmind.com 


Groups wanting to set up a workshop to study these methods, contact me.

PS. Please feel free to forward a copy of this email to any friends

who are interested in expanding their skills with hypnosis.   

Thanks.. .. ..           Brian.

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And I now take VENMO at username Brian-Green-264,
last 4 digits of registration phone are 0755.  
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