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It's been a long time since I was in San Francisco, probably near forty years ago. But when I was there, I loved it. The embarcadero suited my youthfull outsider Beatnic history, as did memories of the poets and the City Lights Bookstore, and the cooler (and foggy!) climate of my London background. It would be easy to imagine Sherlock Holmes hunting Jack The Ripper along those nightown darkened smoky wharves and restaurants.
When the stay-at-home conditions began, due to the Corona Virus, I began doing a Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Phone Session, initially with clients I was already seeing, who wished to continue hypnotherapy with me. This was easy, and the sessions were  virtually identical. I had done them before, with clients who were only in my local area for a short time, after they returned home, but had never thought of doing them on a regular basis, up until now. Then I worked out a protocol for new clients too, using the self-hypnosis audio of mine, an mp3, to assist them become good hypnosis subjects, before the Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Phone Session. Worked like a charm. Now after these successes, and happy clients, it occurred to me that I could extend my practice beyond the local area this way, on a regular basis. And when I can get my hands on a webcam, almost impossible at present, I can start video sessions too. At present, because of anxieties from the extra stress so many persons are under, due to the virus and the resulting uncertainties, a greater need for services such as mine exists, and I am glad I can be of assistance. So this is how it has come about that I have started a page for San Francisco Bay Area - Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Phone Sessions. My first attempt to offer my Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy service outside my local area. "Ain't you lucky!" as we Brits ironically say.

If you need any information regarding my Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy knowledge, skills and the issues I work with, and so much more, you can use any of the buttons on the left, as if you were a visitor from my local area. There is no point in duplicating all of this information. You can go to the top Home Page button and proceed from there. Any written information I might deem useful and give as a handout to any particular local client, I can send as a Word doc or PDF file attached to an email for long distance clients. The mp3 is sent via a transfer service email, as a download link, because it is too large for attachment to an ordinary email. (If preferred, mailed as an actual CD in more usual times). For further details, once again, click on the Buy Hypnotherapy Phone Sessions button,  which also shows cost and payment methods.

There are so many iconic and interesting places to visit in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz, the notorious past Federal Maximum Security Prison that once famously housed the infamous Al Capone, among other super "bad boys." During a Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Telephone Session you may visit many places, past and present, both real and imaginary, that are useful for progress n your healing process.

What else is there that is unique and interesting to the San Francisco Bay Area? Well, to begin with, there is the World famous landmark, The Golden Gate Bridge, among many others. And for nature lovers there is always the Golden Gate Park to discover too, among the 220 parks, playgrounds and open spaces managed by The San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. For a general look at more of the entire San Francisco Bay area, click here. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you may be familiar with all of this information, anyway, but I have to insert it here so as to be more visible in the Google search for San Francisco Bay Area Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy .