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Brian Teaching Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy at local high school in Beverly Hills: After class discussion

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 08/2022 Previous female client, returned for 1 session,  intense anxiety + public speaking.                                                             

Dear Brian,

I woke up this morning and my subconscious "looked" for my extreme anxiety before I opened my eyes but it wasn't there. This is HUGE. This anxiety has either woken me up in the middle of the night OR first thing in the morning for nearly each day the last 2-3 years. This morning felt different, I didn't feel like the anxiety was dormant, it felt resolved. This is what I was looking for. Wednesday evening I have to speak in front of a large group and I am hoping I can do so with composure and not with a shaky fearful voice - I'll let you know how it goes.

As I said last night, you have had a PROFOUND effect on my life and for that I will love you forever. As my chosen "uncle" and me as your "niece", I am able to experience support from someone I never thought was possible. You are a special special human and people like me needed  to know there is LOVE out there- it's so hard to find.

Be well, stay healthy. You are loved,   J.C.

05/22 Paralyzing Complex Phobia, driving high mountain roads. 4 sessions. 

Hi Brian! As I write I am on a plane to Portland to check out places.  Wanted to let you know that on Sunday, friend in tow (just in case) I was able to drive 50 miles in the San Gabriel mountains, including Glendora Mountain Rd which is notorious for being steep, narrow & twisty.  Can't say I wasn't nervous BUT was able to do it.  Very different from simply being unable to.  My mantra (from our last session) was: I'm taking care of business and it will be ok. Thanks!! R.


08/2020 Male, Emotional Crisis x 2 sessions..

I highly recommend working with Brian at Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy - LA. He has an uncanny ability to work with you to understand your goals and find the right path to get you there. For me the key was to identify blockages from my earlier life that were keeping me from moving forward and keeping me from enjoying the now. I had been living with debilitating self-doubt and an inner voice that kept me from growing and made me feel like I deserved to be less than and I was less than in many ways. Brian was able to get me past those feelings in one session and then we were able to work on building self-confidence and self-esteem and it is a much better way to go through life. Brian is the most non-judgmental person I've ever met, and you feel so safe and comfortable opening up to him and allowing him to do what he does best.  Mike Shaffrey

10/2019  Recovering female marijuana addict of 6 years and so,so grateful to Brian.  6 months sober.   

Smoking (Vaping) concentrated Cannabis oil from today's selectively bred high potency marijuana is not the same as puffing on a joint of yesteryear. One addict likened it to a narcotic.  
I am 25 and have been addicted to weed since I was 19. No one thinks you can be addicted to weed. In my heart I knew I was, but friends, family and strangers telling me it's not possible gave me an excuse to never stop. It was literally my best friend and favorite thing in the world and I could not comprehend how I could ever stop smoking it. But it was making me physically sick every single day. Constant withdrawals when not high. I would throw up mornings, nights, and the only thing to make me feel better would be to smoke. I couldn't stop and I was developing a hate for myself that was very out of my character.

I saw Brian 5 times. Each time we discussed something different that fixed me in some way. One session = no more anxiety in the form of nausea. Another session = no more migraines from guilt and stress. He hammered into my head (in a good way) that the addict part of my brain wants the weed, not me. Separating the two really helped me not listen to that little voice telling me to just say to hell with it and smoke. I am forever grateful. I would recommend Brian to literally anyone that has any problem anyone could have.

(p.s. he also included a 27 min mp3 recording that I am still listening to almost every night 6 months later. It is actual magic.)

09/2019. Female in her forties, anxiety & depression, alcohol dependency.
Hi Brian, Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing hypnotherapy session yesterday. I am singing your praises to everyone I know. I left your office feeling lighter and clearer, like a fog or veil had been lifted from my eyes and my mind. I didn’t feel like having a drink last night and I slept like the dead and woke up so refreshed! Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to our next session! You are a miracle worker! Have a great day! S. F.

03/2016. Female, Stress and lifelong physical problems from People Pleasing, Trauma and Guilt/Inferiority complex. x 5 sessions. Huge relief

“I hope to honor the impact you have had on me, my husband and two of my dear friends all of whom who I also referred to you. (Not to mention everyone else I interact with!). Your work in understanding the human condition and mind is stellar and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found you. You have helped me and changed my life immeasurably and profoundly. Thank you so very much. Always. M.” 


03/2019. Female, 41 year old psychogenic shoulder pain, 1st session.

"I have to share this with you because I was lost for words. After our session I got home and sadly my shoulder was still not better, in fact it might have progressed for the worse. I truly was in agony - super sharp pain inside of the joint. I was going to make an appointment for an MRI the next morning as it was too late to do it that day. I woke up the next morning and the pain was completely gone. I have to say this again - THE PAIN WAS GONE! Completely. Gone. Like nothing ever happened. I don't know what you did but I'm coming back." VR. 


 08/2014. Long term client, Couples session.

Hi Brian,
Our couples session with you was amazing and really helped us out. We still need to come
back again, but that one session helped us tremendously.
Thank you. J.

 07/2014. Female client. Long term,
 relationship & career issues. 
"Brian Green, you are the smartest man who ever lived! Love Always, Anna."

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended
  7/20/2014 - LW on Yelp. Married Female, Anxiety attacks, etc.

After years of working on myself, I finally and desperately found Brian Green. In only a few sessions, he moved me through so many stuck places, places where I didn't even know existed and were actually where my issues began! Every single time I saw him I had some sort of a break through! Not only is he an expert at what he does, he is highly intuitive, and extremely intelligent, which enabled him to zero in on the root causes of some habits and behaviors I was struggling with for a long time. Once identified and released through the hypnotherapy, things started to transform naturally on their own. I no longer had to work at it. The process has a life of its own and I am enjoying more freedom and peace in my life. I wish I had found him years ago. I wouldn't have wasted all that time and money trying other things. He's like this well-kept secret! We are SO lucky to have him in LA. If you are struggling, you won't regret going to see him. With him, you'll get results and fast. He's the best!


A One session triumph, Male, Phobia, Fearfulness & Allied Depressed State

"Hi Brian,  

I want to thank you so much for your help.  I had been very down and depressed with my condition (inability to swallow solid foods) for over 10 years. After our first and only session I went home and gave swallowing a try. I faced my fear and to my surprise the swallowing reflex began to function better. It has been a few weeks now and my condition is getting better everyday. My close family members even notice the difference. Thanks again for all the help you gave me in overcoming my fears in general, which helped me with the swallowing problem. Yours Truly,  R."   rxxxx@xxx.com

Couples therapy with a client in individual therapy. 03/02/09. 

Brian, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your insight and compassion towards the damaged children that we once were. Somehow, after our session there was a kind of calm that came over me. I am not sure why, however, I did not feel like a frightened child. I was able to look at things from an adult point of view.

This I owe all to you; thank you. D called me tonight and simply said, "I just want to let you know that I love you very, very much and that I am feeling so much love for you." It was simple and I could of gotten into him making a commitment, in order for the little girl inside of me to feel loved and secure. However, I took the high road and I accepted his kind and loving phone call for what it was. He also went on to say that the session was extremely emotional for him and that he cried most of the day. Only you, Brian, can make a guy that big and tough cry. I do not know where this will end up. Nevertheless, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding the little girl to reunite with the adult. I have said this before, but I will say it again, you are an undiscovered genius.
God bless you, Cheryl.

This client had long term therapy with me. As a couple they had 3 sessions together. They are now engaged and planning to get married next year, in 2010... Now married. 

An Anxious Depressed mother of 7. Using Brian's CD. 05/12/09.

"Thank you for this great CD. I've listened to it just twice now since I started making my new habit of listening to it before bed each night and I have woken up each morning feeling good. I've had the best nights sleep in as many years as I can remember. Mind magic is very good. When I wake my mind is really clear (even now as I write) & the sense of peace I feel is a real blessing. I wanted to let you know. I am looking forward to my future as I continue to listen and do as you have said."

Joyce. Personal communication.   

Couples Therapy, comment. 03/29/09.

"Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all that you do.  You got a gift!"

A one session triumph:
Phobic Test Anxiety, or "Exam Nerves." 05/08.

"I aced the quiz yesterday! Whenever I thought of the teacher in a bullying way, I immediately pictured her as a non-threatening child who had been injured. I also made jokes that made her and my classmates laugh. I didn't worry about making mistakes. I think your treatment was very helpful."

Thanks, Mark H.  Sent from my iphone.

A Two Session Triumph:
Phobic Insomnia Cycle: 06/08.

"I thought I'd take a moment to let you know that I've been sleeping like a baby for the past week. What's more, I'm falling asleep quickly and I hardly get up anymore to go to the restroom.  If I do get up, I get back to sleep right away. I haven't felt this rested and calm in
so long." Stefania                                                  

P.S. "Please let me know straight away if you publish any more CD's.

Another One Session Triumph:
Ending a Long Term
Coffee Addiction: 04/08.

Subject: week one!

"Hi Brian, Well, I've gotten through the last week without drinking any coffee.  As you know, it was chilly and grey a few mornings, and I was fine.  I was around coffee pretty frequently in the office and other places, its aroma tickling my nose, and yet I was able to resist it with no effort. And here's the best part: no withdrawal symptoms.  I feel fine. Thank you for turning me into a non-coffee drinker." ... 


....  12/04/08. "I said I'd keep in better touch with you about how well your magic worked to get me off of coffee. It's been half a year and I still haven't had any. Despite being around the aroma all day long in the office and, especially despite the ubiquitous presence of holiday Starbucks' cups, which I know contain particularly delightful java potions, I still haven't had any. I'll admit to a little coveting, but that's as far as it goes.  All thanks to you.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with love, happiness and good health!." 


Frances O' <narf1227@adelphia.net> 


A case of Destructive Jealousy & Depression: 06/15/08.

"Hello Brian, It's been a long time since I've written you. Just wanted to let you know how everything is going. I recently graduated the Fire Academy and have started working as a Firefighter. Linda and I have bought a house and everything is going great. I know I've said it before, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate talking with and knowing you. My life would not be the same if I hadn't met you. Thank you again for everything you did for me. Hope you are doing well and are continuing to help others and change lives. You have a great gift. Thanks."
On 01/07/09
"Just now going to school to become a paramedic, as well as doing the firefighter thing.  I hope you continue to help people as you did me, because I think you have an incredible gift."

Seth C. scoye0@xxx.com

(The gentleman above flew out to stay in Los Angeles from the East Coast, to work with me, on the recommendation of his friends. He was unemployed, living with his parents, (mid twenties), sunk in depression. His rabid jealousy was destroying his relationship with the first woman he had ever wished to have a permanent association with, Linda, the lady above. About ten sessions max as I recall).

Woman in her thirties, individual therapy, couples therapy, thirteen year old son, family divorce issues. 01/09.

Brian, I hope you are well. I believe you have a Birthday this week. I wanted to express how grateful I am to know you. You have provided not only guidance, but true understanding of the human psyche. More importantly, you do your job with such patience, understanding, and love. Again, I am incredibly grateful to know you and trust you. Words cannot describe my gratitude...

Happy Birthday!! God bless you!!! M, C, & A.

Resolution of a fear conflict in a long term case: 07/17/08.




Singing yesterday was soooooooooooo different.  Everything worked.  My mind did NOT get in the way. Not even ONCE.  When I began to sing, Mark (the teacher, BG), had a look of disbelief to such a degree I thought I had made a mistake and stopped.  "No, you were right on -- here, lets start again."  His eyes couldn't believe his ears if you know what I mean.  I couldn't believe my mind was so calm I could even FEEL the meaning of the words, not be afeared of them.  The contrast was so great I cannot  believe I have persisted through this "heavily weighted against me" door for so long and not quit.  The difference cannot be expressed in words.  I do hope it happens again that I feel good whilst singing. Only a gracious thank you and glorious gratitude felt to you can I give. Not that we may have to revisit that space again, but change was really made last week.


Elizabeth.  Elizabeth.....@.. .. .. ..com


(This lady is an extended therapy case, due to long term childhood abuse. Many other difficulties resolved on the way).



5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended    The greatest hypnotherapist in 
                        the world!!!  Gets my vote.

Pros: Gets the job done!
Cons: I can't think of any!
10/30/2005. Posted by

"I first saw Brian as a teenager a few years ago. My parents divorced, and my family was dysfunctional. He helped me with my anxiety and depression, and to stop drinking. Now I have started seeing him again he has helped me grow up further. Literally. I was short, and have started growing taller again at 21 years old!! From undoing emotional knots in trance and hypnotic suggestions! I love it that Brian doesn't tell me what to do. He shows me how life and people really are, and what is going on. Then I get to choose what I want to do about it. His knowledge and wisdom are huge. Now for the first time, I am getting A's at college. I keep telling my Mom how great he is, and she says she loves him. He helped her out of a severe emotional breakdown, after 2 years of seeing Doctors and Therapists without being able to get better. That's how I got to meet him as a kid."

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended     Brian has a fantastic breadth and 
                         depth of knowledge. A true healer.

Pros: The best there is. 
Cons: None.  07/29/2006.  
Posted by

"I went to see Brian eight years ago, at twenty years old. In a few sessions he helped me resolve some serious problems I was having. I also referred my teenage cousin some years ago, who was in great difficulty. Since seeing Brian his life has done nothing but consistently improve. Recently Brian has helped my husband and myself again. Helping us resolve our individual difficulties and our impaired relationship dynamic. I said to my husband, "He should be on TV like Doctor Phil, he's a goldmine." Brian is very generous with his time, and comparatively low cost."

                        Both above originally published on 
                        Los Angeles City Search.

Severe Generalized Anxiety Resolution.
From Carola 777: 01/08.

"Hi Brian,

I came to see you some years ago, for severe anxiety. You made me aware of certain things I was totally out of touch with. The reason I did not come back after two sessions was that my anxiety was gone! Over the years I have referred several people to you, and each one has given me a glowing report of your work with them."  

                      Carolyn S.  Personal Communication.

Destructive Gambling Addiction.
From PeTeSaLLThat : 02/08.

"Hello Brian,

I want to take time out to tell you what a tremendous help and powerful inspiration you have been to me so far. Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for my friend introducing you to me.  Everyday I am faced with life's obstacles to cope and to deal with them daily I seem to get overwhelmed. However, when I open up my mind, and remember the words and the stories you shared with me, in the sessions we have had, I begin to feel much better as time goes by. You have a certain uniqueness that is so captivating and motivating that makes me want to continue to do well in my life and for my future life coming. In only three sessions I have begun to find myself saying no to my illness and yes to my life. Saying no to my desire of being lethargic, (no exercise) and saying yes to walking every morning with my pet dog around our steep block. Saying no to emotional stress and abuse and saying yes to freedom of choice. Brian I see more hope for myself in this world than ever before, once again I have found that there is life beyond this illness, and you have helped me restore this energy back into my life. I look  forward to going to my very first ever Gamblers Anonymous meeting on Monday, and later in the week also. Thank you Brian for helping me see beyond my denied reality.. .. ..    Also on Saturday after I saw you the last time, I hugged my sister at home and said to her, "I love you,"  and we kissed each other on the cheeks, and she said, "Thank you Peter, my brother is back."

Sorry Brian my email is so long, but I had to share with you my greatest weekend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Brian for helping me regain my life back and for helping me with all your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"   

                         Peter M.  Personal Communication.

Individual  (8yr old girl), & Family Problems.
From Nellie G.:04/08.

"Dear Mr. Green,

I want to thank you very much for everything you have done to help my family and myself. God bless you and may he always give you the strength you need to help people. You have a wonderful gift. You are blessed."

Sincerely, Nelly G.  Personal Communication.

Communication from new client 09/2013.


“I was at a dinner party a couple of years ago and one of the ladies in attendance talked about her younger brother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She did some research and found you online. The young lady told us it took you no more than 15 min to figure out he was misdiagnosed and simply depressed. You had him back on track within a few sessions, and since then he has been doing fabulously. She could not stop talking about you all evening. I kept your information and now here I am.” B.D.R.


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